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Housewright Music Building (HMU)

122 N Copeland St., Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Choral Ensemble Camp

Campers study with FSU faculty in a large mixed choir, a women’s or men’s choir, and a variety of small ensembles designed to provide ensemble experience...

Piano Camp

Our Piano Camp provides beginners, intermediate and advanced players with instruction that is comprehensive and focused, and there is no audition required. ...

Piano Institute

The Piano and Organ Institute is designed for advanced, pre-collegiate keyboard students to receive instruction directly from FSU Faculty members. ...

Guitar Workshop

Whether you have been playing for six months or six years, our guitar workshop will provide a significant exposure to new techniques, styles and musicianship...

Jazz Ensemble Camp for Middle School

The Jazz Ensemble Camp for Middle School is designed to introduce campers to the foundations of jazz music and performance. Campers will play and perform in...


Recent Events

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