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Johnston Building (WJB)

143 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Lindner, Jennifer Thesis Defense

"Guest Engagement: Retaining the Millennial Traveler to Hotel Brands." Major Professor: Dawkins, Jim

6/28 10am
Osborne, Anna Thesis Defense

"Well-Being Amenities in the Corporate Urban Campus." Major Professor: Huber, Amy

6/28 1pm
Agama, Marisa Dissertation Defense

"Experimenting with Art Infused Civic Activities to Promote School and Community Engagement Among Disaffected Adolescent Students." Major Professor: Van...

6/29 9am
How to Get Control of Your Time

This workshop helps students organize their time so they can get things done with less stress.

7/6 4pm
Alazmi, Fatemah Dissertation Defense

"Art Education as Means of Promoting Democracy." Major Professor: Shields, Sara

7/7 10am

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