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Strozier Library

The main library for the University and the largest library facility on campus with seating for 2,700 users. It offers an extensive range of library services and has open stacks, where patrons are able to browse through rows of book shelves to make their own selection of materials.
In addition to the main collection, which is comprised primarily of materials in the humanities and social science subject areas, the Strozier Library has special collections, maps, government documents, multimedia, electronic and microform materials.

116 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306, Tallahassee, FL

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Sama'A Almubarak

Sama'A Almubarak left a positive review 4/21/2017

Informative introduction workshop!

Jinsil Jang

Jinsil Jang left a positive review 4/21/2017

It indeed fulfilled what I expected to learn. I really appreciate help and a lecture from Dr. Jesse Klein and Ms. Kirsten Kinsley!

Kate Simpkins

Kate Simpkins left a positive review 4/17/2017

It was great!

Nohelia Orozco

Nohelia Orozco left a review 4/7/2017

It should've just been called "Introduction to Stata" as we didn't really cover much of SPSS, which was the reason I attended. The instructor was very knowledgeable but she barely spent any time discussing SPSS. It felt like a waste of my time since I didn't get out of it what I was interested in.

Nohelia Orozco

Nohelia Orozco left a positive review 3/31/2017

Amazing! I appreciated the fact that there was powerpoint to follow along with and that I am able access it again in the future. The additional resources/links at the end were great because there is a lot out there so it made easier to navigate in the future knowing where to start.

Great job! I would be interested in a more in depth seminar in the future.

Mr Micah Vandegrift

Mr Micah Vandegrift posted a photo 2/7/2017

Renaine Julian and Sarah Stanley co-led this presentation. Renaine Julian and Sarah Stanley co-led this presentation.

Sophia Rahming

Sophia Rahming left a positive review 10/21/2016

I am glad that I registered and that I went to the Boot Camp. It was informative and I came away with so many tools to make the process more organized. I plan to use them to produce a better prospectus and dissertation product.