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Dowon Choi

Dowon Choi left a positive review 1/31/2019

This film just made my day. Although life is hard, our life can be meaningful when we can be connected with other people regardless of our biological and cultural differences. Just like this film, I could connect myself with my friends who watched this TOGETHER!!! Thank you so much! -- Korean Girl @ FSU

Damilola Adeoye

Damilola Adeoye left a positive review 11/12/2018

It was a surreal experience. Watching a movie as sensitive as that in a diverse campus environment as FSU at Florida just about shows how far ahead America has evolved in the last five plus decades.

Dania Tawfiq

Dania Tawfiq left a positive review 11/5/2018

Beautiful film, absolutely loved it.

Savannah Long

Savannah Long left a positive review 10/3/2018

One of the best movies I've ever seen.the only thing I would improve on is starting on time. it started 30 minutes after it should have.

Ewan Hennessy

Ewan Hennessy left a positive review 9/21/2018

Really cool experience. I didn’t enjoy watching people trip on drugs the whole time though. It gets old. Ever babysat someone who’s high? It sucks. That’s how I felt watching The Wolf of Wall Street. Everyone else seemed to like it though. But that’s just me. I’ll be back for more movies.

Trenton McCray

Trenton McCray left a positive review 10/3/2018

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before

Dania Tawfiq

Dania Tawfiq left a positive review 9/19/2018

It was an AMAZING film!! Gave great insight into the experience of teenagers in this day and age. Also a lot of nostalgia of what it felt like to be an awkward eighth grader. I hope fsu you will more movies like this, more often.

Jennifer Magi

Jennifer Magi left a positive review 8/30/2018

It was very helpful. I am a new RSO, so I was unaware of much of the information.

Hudson Barthes

Hudson Barthes left a positive review 8/22/2018

Great choice in movie!

Hudson Barthes

Hudson Barthes left a positive review 8/24/2018

I really liked the action movie countdown