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Monday, December 17

Intermediate Walkers

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

Team Dynamics (LSTD01-0048)

This course addresses team dynamics by understanding individual personality types. It is reviewed in terms of the supervisor, and how he/she can influence...

Olvera-Prado, Erick Raul - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Contribution of the Wind and Loop Current Eddies to the Circulation in the Western Gulf of Mexico. Committee Chair: Chassignet,...

Poetry in Protest: An Exhibit

Poetry can be a powerful tool for eliciting emotion and is frequently used to express dissent or advocate for change. FSU Special Collections & Archives’...

Intellectual Property (SRA18 - 0009)

Intellectual Property : While the PI is conducting research, it may become imperative that the necessary steps be taken to safeguard the research results/...

Monday, December 17