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Thursday, June 28

Band Camp for Senior High 2018

Band Camp for Senior High offers a comprehensive music experience focused on developing the player in addition to developing playing techniques. At this...

Drop / Add Ends - Session C

Students are liable for all fees for courses still on their schedules after this date.

Drop/Add Ends for Summer Session C

Drop/Add for Session C ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Exchange of Materials

Time for exchange of materials from old officers to new board members

Late Registration Ends for Summer Session C

Late registration closes.

String Orchestra Camp 2018

The FSU String Orchestra Camp offers an immersive music experience which works to develop students technical skills and musicianship. During this two-week...

Summer C IM Sports Registration

Our Summer C Sports Regsitration runs from noon on 6/26 to 3pm on 7/3. Students, faculty and staff can sign up and play 4-on-4 Flag Football, Sand...

Year End Calendar Event

Last day to ensure departmental deposits & corrections will be posted to the 2018 fiscal year.

Classes begin

Summer session A: May 14Summer session B: May 14Summer session C: June 25Summer session F: May 14Summer session LW8: May 7


Summer session A: May 12–17Summer session B: May 12–17Summer session C: June 23–June 28Summer session F: May 12–17Summer session LW8: May 5-10


Drop/Add. Begins 12:01 a.m. EDT Aug. 25 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT Aug. 30.

Late registration

$100.00 late registration fee may apply. Summer session A: May 14–17Summer session B: May 14–17Summer session C: June 25-28Summer session F: May 14–17Summer...

All levels walk

Directions to Cascades Park: We meet on the east side of the park at the Myers Park Gate at the corner of Suwannee St. and Myers Park Rd. There is ample...

All levels walk

Directions to Cascades Park: We meet on the east side of the park at the Myers Park Gate at the corner of Suwannee St. and Myers Park Rd. There is ample...

Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble Camp 2018

The Honors Chamber Winds Camp provides a unique opportunity for fifteen musicians who seek an exceptional summer experience. Two flutes, two oboes, two...

Gentle Walkers

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

Artists’ League Annual Summer Salon (June 22 – July 21)

Artists’ League Annual Summer Salon Artists from Florida, Alabama and Georgia compete to have their work included in this exhibition.

Waging Peace

An exhibition co-curated by the Council of Educators and MoFA. A project supporting special educational programming for the K-12. May 14-July 8, 2018;...

What They Fought: Resistance to Integration and the Path to the Tallahassee Bus Boycott.

Guests are invited to explore an exhibit focusing on the Tallahassee Bus Boycott of 1956. Using primary source material, Special Collections & Archives...

 Roman-Stork, Heather Leigh - Thesis Defense


E-device Club

We will meet on 3rd floor chapel across from the elevator. The club meets to collaborate knowledge, hints and tricks for widely used windows, google, apple...

Canvas Boot Camp (in-person)

This two-hour, hands-on session will help you build your course framework. Be sure to bring your laptop and your course materials on a flash drive, including...

Clifton in the Capital: Tallahassee Civic Activist

Guests are invited to explore the life works of Clifton Van Brunt Lewis, a local activist in the Tallahassee civil rights movement who championed for...

Komijani, Dorsa - Thesis Defense

Manuscript Title: EPR Study of Molecular Qubits Based On Lanthanide Nanomagnets Committee Chair: Hill, Stephen Olof

Webb, Noah Stephen - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Racial and Ethnic Trends in Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents Committee Chair: Burdette, Amy M

EAP for Supervisors (LSEAP1-0036)

In this class you will learn: how to recognize early signs of trouble in an employee's performance; how to have a constructive interview with a troubled...

Leach, Jay Michael James - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: SYMMETRIC SURFACES Committee Chair: Petersen, Kathleen L

Lootens, Kathryn Lee - Thesis Defense

Manuscript Title: Environmental Hospitality: Reframing a Christian Virtue for the Era of Climate Change Committee Chair: Kalbian, Aline H

Audio production for podcasting

Free classes offered at 1:30 p.m. Thursdays in the Digital Design Studio

Social NOLE

This is a great opportunity for new students to interact with other students in the coaching program. The Coaching Center will provide snacks and drinks...

English Conversation Club

Join us Monday-Friday from 4-5 p.m. in The Globe Lounge during the summer. English Conversation Club invites all levels of speakers of English as a...

Honors Directed Individual Study

If you are interested in earning honors credit for a directed individual study (DIS), paperwork for each semester is due the last day of DROP/ADD. Summer...

My First College Situationship!

Do you know what you are looking for in a hookup, relationship, and anything in-between? Join us for a conversation around college dating culture and you are...

Ready Player One

PG-13 | 140 min | 2018 In 2045, there not many places left to explore. Except for the Oasis. This virtual reality world can let users to create their own...

Thursday, June 28