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Friday, June 28

5th Day of Classes for Summer Session C

For additional information regarding deadlines based on the end of the 5th day of classes, please reference the summer academic calendar.

Band Camp for Senior High 2019

Band Camp for Senior High offers a comprehensive music experience focused on developing the player in addition to developing playing techniques. At this...

Exchange of Materials

May 14, 2019 – June 30, 2019 (Time for exchange of materials from old officers to new board members)

Prorated 7th Week Deadline for Summer Session A

For additional information regarding deadlines based on the end of the seventh week of classes, please reference the summer academic calendar.

String Orchestra Camp 2019

The FSU String Orchestra Camp offers an immersive music experience which works to develop students technical skills and musicianship. During this two-week...

Year End Calendar Event

Selling auxiliaries provide list of pending/ongoing charges to Auxiliary Accounting for PO association

Year End Calendar Event

OMNI Financials will be unavailable beginning at noon

Year End Calendar Event

Departments complete inventory of goods available for resale

Year End Calendar Event

Departments count cash on hand and not deposited by year-end (this does not include petty cash funds)

Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble Camp 2019

The Honors Chamber Winds Camp provides a unique opportunity for fifteen musicians who seek an exceptional summer experience. Two flutes, two oboes, two...

IPre-Depart: First Year Abroad, Day 02

Orientation session for students participating in the First Year Abroad program with International Programs. Day 02/02.

All Walking Levels

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

Chiu, Kevin - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: The Impacts of Health Care Capital Controls on Health Outcomes and Regional Competition Committee Chair: Kantor, Shawn

Library Orientation Tours

Walk in tours of the Libraries are available throughout the entire summer. Incoming students and their families who are attending orientation are encouraged...

Cat 5 Science: Summer STEM Camp for all high schoolers (grades 9-12)

This free summer camp Summer STEM Camp provides a week of hands-on learning for all high school grades (9th - 12th grades) 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. June 24-28...

WAITLIST ONLY Edible Chemistry: Elementary STEM camp

First through third graders are invited to Edible Chemistry, a summer camp June 24-28 at FSU Panama City. Learn the magic behind fluffy cakes and sticky...

 Bridging Cultures III: Managing Intercultural Conflict

Bridging Cultures III: Managing Intercultural Conflict Multiple dates: 6/28 (rm: 3500), 10/25 (rm: 2400) This workshop will introduce participants to...

Bridging Cultures III - Managing Intercultural Conflict (BCMIC1-0019)

Managing Intercultural Conflict - This workshop will introduce participants to various styles of intercultural conflict management and negotiation processes....

Al-Taie, Aws H. - Dissertation Defense


Abrishami, Soheila - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting for Business Intelligence Applications Committee Chair: Kumar, Piyush

Allies & Safe Zones 201: Trans Ally (PDS201-0017)

Allies & Safe Zones 201: Trans Ally is a two-hour training that will engage participants in understanding trans identities, gender variance, socialized...

Yarbrough, Susan E. - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Using Telepractice to Coach Caregivers of Children with Visual Impairments to Increase the Independent Living Skills of Their...

English Conversation Club

Join us Monday-Friday from 4-5 p.m. in The Globe Lounge for English Conversation Club! English Conversation Club invites all levels of speakers of English...

HITM Summer Prospectus Deadline

The Prospectus Deadline for Summer 2019 is June 28th by 4:30 pm.

Summer B: Individual Honors-Augmented and DIS Completion Forms Due

The Summer B Confirmation of Completion Form to receive Honors Credit for Honors DIS or Individual Honors Augmented Courses is due June 28, 2019.

Summer Honors Medallion Audit Deadline

This summer our Honors Medallion Ceremony will be held on Friday, August 2nd for all graduating Honors Students. If you are a University Honors student and...

International Coffee Hour

Join us every Friday from 5-6:30 p.m. in The Globe Dining Room for refreshments from a featured culture and interact with students, scholars, and faculty...

Final Friday Gaming Social

Have you been wanting to try that indie game you’ve had your eye on? Ever wanted to rock out to your favorite songs on a stage? We got you covered. Try out...

CDU Presents: Summer Camp

Friday, June 28th Summer Camp Landis Green 7:00PM Free for all 18+ //SUMMER CAMP// Calling all FSU students! Be prepared to go back in time to the best...

Pet Sematary

Dr. Louis Creed and his family move to rural Maine with their young son and daughter. After discovering an eerie burial ground in their backyard, strange...

Friday, June 28