Monday, July 1

Advocacy Teams Panel & Demonstration

Part of the Summer for Undergraduates Program

FSU Summer Program in Law at Oxford

The College of Law annually sponsors a five-and-a-half-week summer semester of legal studies at the University of Oxford in England. The Summer Program in...

Graduate University Deadline for Fall semester

Most academic programs have earlier deadlines than those established by the University, or may admit only for a specific term. Prospective applicants must...

String Orchestra Camp 2019

The FSU String Orchestra Camp offers an immersive music experience which works to develop students technical skills and musicianship. During this two-week...

Year End Calendar Event

Grace period emails will resume and all PCard processes will resume for FY 2020.

Year End Calendar Event

Student Business Services will hold processing receipts dated FY20 until open

Year End Calendar Event

For applicable E&G, Designated, Auxiliary, FSUS, and Foundation funds, annual operating budgets booked in OMNI-FI.

Year End Calendar Event

Travel resumes business as normal.

Year End Calendar Event

All regular processes related to AR/Billing resume, including bill entry and interfacing, customer updates, payment application, etc.

Year End Calendar Event

Accounts Payable resumes full ability to process vouchers - encumbered and unencumbered.

Year End Calendar Event

Process eSettlement invoices after 6/17/2019.

Year End Calendar Event

Daily Pcard files from 6/17/19 thru 7/1/19 will be available for processing by proxies. No email to remind to approve these transactions will be sent. No...

Year End Calendar Event

Departments resume ability to enter and approve ePRF unencumbered requests.

Year End Calendar Event

Procurement Services to resume normal processing of all Spearmart POs including change orders

Year End Calendar Event

SpearMart, OMNI Financials, and myFSU BI reports based on OMNI Financials should be back up no later than 7:00 AM.

Year End Calendar Event

Departments can begin submitting requisitions in the new year, tentatively.

Year End Calendar Event

Auxiliary Accounting to resume normal processing of all internal POs including internal change orders

Year End Calendar Event

Auxiliaries using OMNI AR/Billing begin associating POs with their ongoing and outstanding charges for billing in FY20.

Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble Camp 2019

The Honors Chamber Winds Camp provides a unique opportunity for fifteen musicians who seek an exceptional summer experience. Two flutes, two oboes, two...

Intermediate Walkers

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

Campus Connect New User Training (SCCCT1-0005)

This workshop serves as an introduction for advisors and undergraduate staff to the Campus Connect platform. This session covers the general layout and...

Library Orientation Tours

Walk in tours of the Libraries are available throughout the entire summer. Incoming students and their families who are attending orientation are encouraged...

Aley, Kade - Thesis Defense

Manuscript Title: Characterization of a High-Lift, Supercritical Airfoil with Microjets Committee Chair: Kumar, Rajan

CV Prep Workshop

CV workshop to help students prepare for graduate school hosted by the Psychology Club.

Klemp, Alex O. - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Efficacy of Nighttime Protein Feeding During 12 Weeks of Resistance Training on Functional and Cognitive Adaptations in Older...

SGC Programming Committee

The SGC Programming Committee plans, coordinates, and executes events that encourage student life. These events include Welcome Back Weeks, Stress Less...

English Conversation Club

Join us for English Conversation Club Monday – Friday from 4–5 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9–10 a.m. on Zoom to practice conversational English. We...

Virtual Event

14-year old, foster child Billy Batson’s life is turned around after being chosen as the Wizard Shazam champion. While testing out his new powers, Batson...

Monday, July 1