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Tuesday, July 2

Band Camp for Senior High 2019

Band Camp for Senior High offers a comprehensive music experience focused on developing the player in addition to developing playing techniques. At this...

Spider-Man: Far From Home: The IMAX Experience

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME The IMAX Experience IMAX® | TBD | 2 hours and 10 minutes | Action, Fantasy Opens July 2, 2019 Peter Parker returns in...

String Orchestra Camp 2019

The FSU String Orchestra Camp offers an immersive music experience which works to develop students technical skills and musicianship. During this two-week...

Year End Calendar Event

Auxiliary Accounting submits external/component unit statements as of today's date.

Year End Calendar Event

Buying departments must have all Postal Services internal Blanket POs in place for ongoing and/or outstanding auxiliary charges for OBS Postal Services.

All Walking Levels

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

All Walking Levels

For directions and parking contact Sue Wattenberg at

Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble Camp 2019

The Honors Chamber Winds Camp provides a unique opportunity for fifteen musicians who seek an exceptional summer experience. Two flutes, two oboes, two...

Library Orientation Tours

Walk in tours of the Libraries are available throughout the entire summer. Incoming students and their families who are attending orientation are encouraged...

Summer Garden Workdays

Join us this summer for our summer garden workdays! Learn about the best plants to plant in the Tallahassee summer and how to garden organically. See you...

Concur - One-on-One (Open Lab)

Open lab to answer questions and provide support. Additional Resources:

Quidditch Club

Club meeting for any student interested in joining or participating in Quidditch events.

English Conversation Club

Join us Monday-Friday from 4-5 p.m. in The Globe Lounge for English Conversation Club! English Conversation Club invites all levels of speakers of English...

RSO 101 Training Session

ALL RSOs are required to send at least ONE member of their organization to an RSO 101 training session. The RSO 101 training sessions will provide helpful...

Log Rolling at the Leach Center

Strengthen your core, test your balance, and enjoy the pool with log rolling. Try it out in the Leach Pool. Our staff will be there to help you get rolling!

Tuesday, July 2