Wednesday, May 13

Commitment Fee Due for Fall 2020 Programs

Being admitted to a study abroad program was just the beginning of your international journey; the next step is to commit to participate in your program by...

Logo of exhibit

This exhibit was originally curated to be installed as a physical exhibit in the space maintained by Florida State University Special Collections & Archives...

Virtual Event
Remote:  Introduction to University Accounting (BTFA01-0062)

This course targets users who are new to university accounting and/or OMNI Financials. Participants will gain an understanding of OMNI Financials and...

Virtual Event
REMOTE:  Export Controls & Conflicts of Interest (SRA28-0010)

Export Controls and Conflict of Interest: This session will provide an overview of the laws used to regulate the dissemination of material to foreign...

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Campus Chats

Join Kathryn Morgan in this Campus Chat to discuss financial aid opportunities. Be sure to take advantage of our many campus resources to make the most of...

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Remote:  Intellectual Property  (SRA18-0012)

Intellectual Property : While the PI is conducting research, it may become imperative that the necessary steps be taken to safeguard the research results/...

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English Conversation Club

Join us for English Conversation Club Monday – Friday from 4–5 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9–10 a.m. on Zoom to practice conversational English. We...

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CGE Movie Night

Join CGE staff in watching a selected blockbuster movie once a month. Each week leading up to our movie night, CGE will release a Facebook poll with options...

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Wednesday, May 13