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The Academic Center for Excellence is a university learning center, focused on helping students develop the study skills and success habits that are necessary in a large research university and valued by future employers. We are here to teach, advise, tutor, and provide an academic environment that inspires students to excel and to use all the resources available to them.

Upcoming Events

Using Movement to Increase Focus

Students will learn about the positive influences of movement on cognition, focus, and stress. We will learn about small habits that can generate positive...

10/25 2pm
Write Your Wrongs: Editing/Responding to Feedback on Your Writing

You got your assignment back with the professor's comments all over it--now what? This workshop teaches you to turn negative feedback into a positive...

10/26 4pm
Making Notes (not taking them!)

This workshop outlines the benefits of note making as well as various methods to make the note making process a little easier and more efficient, including...

10/27 4pm
Building Academic Resilience

This workshop introduces three approaches for students to respond productively to a setback or failure experience. We will discuss a self-awareness approach,...

10/28 4pm
Strategies for Test Preparation

Learn tips and tricks for developing a timely test preparation routine and reducing test-related anxiety.

11/2 4pm

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