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Dirac Science Library

The Paul A. M. Dirac Science Library houses the university holdings of research materials in the pure, applied, and related sciences as well as the Paul A.M. Dirac Collection. The Dirac Library maintains a collection of over 500,000 volumes of scientific books and periodicals. The library makes available within 24 hours over 126,000 volumes of older periodical and book materials in remote storage. Access more than 350 databases and 11,000 electronic journals via 90 public computers. Dirac is equipped to allow wireless network access for laptop computer users.

110 North Woodward Ave, Tallahassee, FL, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Star Wars Finals: Mos Eisley Munchies Snack Night

Attention all Droids, Wookies, and Ewoks: Enjoy some brain food from across the Galactic Empire and take a snack break. Look out for the traveling snack Droid.

12/9 4pm
Star Wars Finals: Yoda's Color Space Station

Take a study break and relieve stress- color within the lines, you will.

12/10 4pm
Star Wars Finals: Intergalactic Lego Wars

Join the Rebel Alliance to make X-wing Starfighters, TIE Fighters, and more from Legos.

12/11 4pm
Finding Funding: A Pivot Workshop for Faculty

Identifying prospective funding opportunities is the first step to becoming a successful grant winner. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to...

1/22/2020 9am

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Nevin Manimala

Nevin Manimala left a positive review 11/4/2019

Great refresher course! Sarah was very helpful and the course was interactive

Ann Schnabel

Ann Schnabel left a positive review 10/21/2019

Learned a lot about the basics: packages, what python looks like, and where to go from here.

Mitchell Gans

Mitchell Gans left a positive review 9/9/2019


Mitchell Gans

Mitchell Gans left a positive review 10/21/2019


Roland Moore

Roland Moore left a positive review 9/9/2019

It was fantastic!

Roland Moore

Roland Moore left a positive review 11/8/2018

It was very beneficial and excellent!

Run Li

Run Li left a positive review 11/8/2018

The information was helpful, though not what I had in mind. Dr. Chen delivered the information clearly.

Jana Sefcikova

Jana Sefcikova left a review 11/8/2018

The instructor is great. He knows the topic and explains it well.
However, the class did not work for me because I did not realize that Python on the HPC would be presented. I want to learn programming in Python.

Juan Reza

Juan Reza left a positive review 10/25/2018

The presentation was fine and engaging.
My objectives for using parallel processing would not benefit from the MPI technology presented. Simply stated, my application uses a single machine supporting multiple cores and multiple threads that share the same memory address space, rather than messaging among multiple machines with separate memory address spaces. In summary, I cannot use the MPI facility.

Clarence Hallmark

Clarence Hallmark left a positive review 2/7/2018

Very informative, well laid out workshop with good instruction.