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2019 President's Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

The 2019 President's Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence is the culmination of the IDEA Grant, Tech Fellows, and iGEM summer awards. At the President’s Showcase, award winners share their research and creative projects through poster and oral presentations.


The IDEA Grants are a reflection of the University's commitment to developing students as scholars and innovators and are a testament to the stimulating education undergraduates receive at Florida State. These students' projects share in the University's mission of nurturing independent thinkers, who are learning to create solutions that enrich both our campus and our larger communities. Their hard work does not end at this event, many of the awardees will continue their intellectual pursuits through honors theses, independent study projects, graduate research, and entrepreneurial and creative work.

If you are attending this event as a student, we hope you’ll be inspired to develop your own research or creative projects. To learn more about the IDEA Grant or other programs offered by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE), visit our website

The CRE also helps undergraduate students in any discipline get involved with research in their field and helps fund conference travel, find out more about research advising at

The 2019 Showcase will be held Tuesday, October 1st at Florida State University’s Turnbull Conference Center.

Tuesday, October 1 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Turnbull Conference Center (TC)
555 W Pensacola St., Tallahassee, FL