ACE (Anh/Chị/Em) [Big/Little] Social

 ACE (Anh/Chị/Em) stands for Big/Little, which is the mentorship program that VSA has continuously kept as a tradition, every semester for new members and older members alike. In other words, ACE is VSA's way of providing our members with a lifelong friend and mentor/mentee. With this social event, we seek to build connections between potential bigs and littles, so that when it is time to do the matching, we can pair people who share similar interest and a connection. In this event, we plan to play games such as The blanket game. This game consists of Splitting into the big little groups and Two people hold up a blanket up while a big/little is sitting behind the blanket, On a count of 3, the blanket will be dropped and the other group has to guess the name of that person, the person will then tell everyone a fun fact about themselves. We also plan to play other games like musical chairs with a twist, the survival game, the line up game and even charades. In addition to games, we really want to emphasize and allocate time for socializing between members so we can solidify these mentorship connections. Layout of event: 45 minute of Big/Little socializing, 20 minutes of Musical Chairs/other game, 20 minutes of Line up Game/other game.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm

FLH 255


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