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New Student Orientation: Freshman

Orientation is designed to help students transition to campus life and assist you and your family members in understanding the student experience during this exciting time.  Florida State University Panama City is excited to share this experience with you and can’t wait to introduce you to our beautiful campus.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 8:30am to 12:00am

Bayside Auditorium

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Orientation, Academic/Registrar


Other Academic & Research, Panama City, Florida Campus



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Office of Student Affairs

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Jean Collins

Jean Collins left a negative review 8/23/2017

This orientation was very poorly planned. The very first night I found to be pointless, as all we did was slightly go over the schedule, which honestly made it even more confusing, then fill out a survey that could have easily been sent out in an email to be completed online as part of a requirement to register for orientation. The second day was just too much. The point of orientation is to help those who are new to FSU become familiar with the school so they are not completely lost come time for classes. This did nothing to help, as way too much information was thrown at the students for one day, much of it I found rather pointless, at least to have an hour-long session for. The third day I also found to be poorly planned. Students had to meet at the integration statue by 6:45 in the morning just to wait around until after 7:00 to go to breakfast. Why not just tell students to meet at the Seminole Cafe at a certain time if they didn't want breakfast? That's only a part of the issues I had and am still frustrated by. Another part is the lack of care given for commuters and the dearth of consideration given to all the participating students. The first night lasted until 10:00 pm. With over an hour's drive home, I didn't get home until 12:00 that night, only to get up at 5:30 in the morning to be back by 7:00. Again, that day didn't end until around 10:00pm. And that night, students were expected to fill out a sheet class registration sheet. That doesn't take just a couple of quick minutes to do, so again I was up late just to get up early the next morning, 4:30 am, to be back by 6:45, just to wait around. So thanks for caring about people who actually have to drive a good ways. And thanks for giving so much consideration to students by forcing them to stay up late and get up early only just a couple days before the start of school. Yes, I understand some, if not many, would have stayed up late anyways, but that would have been by choice, not by force. Despite that, other students who actually care about their sleep, were deprived of it due to the hours they were required to put in to orientation. On a slightly different note, but still relevant to this, why would an orientation be scheduled only TWO DAYS before the start of school? at the VERY LEAST, students should have a week to prepare. Think about those who have yet to move in to their respective housing. Think about those who still need to buy supplies but haven't because they didn't know what to get until orientation. Think about the families who need to know how much in student loans they need to accept, but end up just guessing they need much more than they do because they have no clue how much they will owe until after orientation. Furthermore, I found so much of orientation to be more of a social gathering than a informational event. Believe it or not, there are actually many students who couldn't care a less about socializing, but would rather just get straight to the point, get the necessary information, register for classes, and leave. And I am not in any way convinced that this couldn't be done. Maybe have an online orientation option that provides the information, then have an in-person session where those who chose this option meet with their advisors, get their FSU ID card, and register for classes. So, yeah, orientation was a real pain, poorly planned, frustrating, confusing, and mostly pointless. I am SO glad I will not have to endure that again, but I pity those who must do so in the future if nothing is done to improve upon it.