The History and Philosophy of Biology - Past Achievements, Future Challenges

September 28 - 29, 2018

History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology: Past Achievements, Future Prospects 

A Conference Sponsored by the Werkmeister Bequest to the Philosophy Department


Friday morning (9:30-12:30): “History of Evolutionary Biology: Past Achievements.” 


Session Chair: Jack Justus

Ron Numbers ( “Creationism”

Polly Winsor ( “The Revolutionary Nature of Darwin's Thinking as Shown by Strickland's Chart”

David Sepkoski ( “Sociobiology and Ideology: or, was Ed Wilson really all wet?”

Mark Borrello ( "The Renaissance of Group Selection: Is Michael Ruse all wet?”


Friday afternoon (2:00-5:00): “Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology: Past Achievements.”


Session Chair: Ron Doel

Derek Turner ( "Have philosophers helped us understand macroevolution?”

Robert Richards ( “The Romantic Source of Archetype Theory and Owen’s Plagiarism.”

Paul Thompson ( “Codifying the Structure of Evolutionary Theory”

Pete Takacs ( "Philosophy of Biomedicine for the 21st Century.”


FRIDAY EVENING:  Private dinner for participants


Saturday morning (10:00-1:00): “Science and Religion” 


Session Chair: John Kelsay

Ed Larson ( "With a Creationist as Secretary of Education and a Conservative Supreme Court, What is the Ongoing Significance of the Scopes Trial?”

Mike Peterson ( "Theism as the Proper Worldview Home of Science.”

John Beatty ( "It pleased the Creator that . . . Capricious God and Capricious Nature in the Darwinian Revolution”


Saturday afternoon (2:30-5:00): “History and Philosophy of Biology: New Directions” 


Session Chair: Christopher Pynes

Grant Ramsey ( “What is the philosophy of biology?”

Betty Smocovitis ( “Is a New Evolutionary Synthesis Necessary? Rethinking Stebbins and Ayala (1981) in Light of the Extended Synthesis”

Richard Richards ( "The Biology of Art.”


SATURDAY EVENING: Fish fry chez Ruse (6:00pm) — all invited

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Strozier Library, Scholars Commons
116 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306, Tallahassee, FL

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