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Why Are There So Many Different Forms of Life- lecture by Dr. Gavin Naylor, Ph.D, University of Florida

Darwin’s idea that the diversity of life arose by descent with modification required two elements. (1) a means of generating heritable traits. (2) a means to select among the traits so generated. His theory of Natural Selection accounted for the second component. But he was never able to explain how novel heritable traits arose in the first place. We still don’t have a general theory to account for the generation of novel heritable traits. Dr. Naylor will make the case that there has been too much emphasis on the importance of natural selection to explain the diversity of life - and not enough on the intrinsic properties of the living systems themselves. 

Speaker Bio:
Current Position: University of Florida - Director of Florida Program for Shark Research.
(since 2017)
Primary Interest: Evolutionary Biology
Distinguishing trait: Talks funny.

Thursday, September 12 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm

FSU Coastal & Marine laboratory, Auditorium 3618 Highway 98. St. Teresa, Fl 32358

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