Global and Multicultural Engagement Building (GME)

The Global and Multicultural Engagement Building, also known as The Globe, houses staff from the Center for Global Engagement and the Center for Leadership and Social Change.

Primarily an office building, The Globe also has program rooms and other spaces to help promote intercultural engagement and student interaction. For information on room reservations, go to

The Globe contains public spaces students can visit, such as the student lounge with 65" LCD TV, the Reading Reflections Room, café dining area, and Meditation Room (which is available to any member of the Florida State community that seeks a quiet, simple place to reflect or meditate from 8-5 p.m. M-F).

110 S Woodward Ave., Tallahassee, FL


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12/14 10am
Bridging Cultures I: Introduction to Intercultural Communication (CSBC01)

This workshop provides the fundamentals of effective intercultural communication to allow participants to work effectively across different international...

2/9/2024 1pm
Bridging Cultures II (CSBC02)

Bridging Cultures II: International Cultural Adjustment: From Global to Local: Building on Bridging Cultures I, this workshop will help participants...

3/1/2024 1pm
Bridging Cultures III: Unpacking Intercultural Conflict Communication (CSMIC1)

This workshop introduces participants to different styles of intercultural conflict communication and resolution. Utilizing case studies, participants will...

3/22/2024 1pm
Bridging Cultures IV: Roadmap for Continuous Learning (Intercultural Effectiveness Scale Assessment) - CSDGC1

The last workshop revisits the lessons on intercultural communication from Bridging Cultures I to III and focuses on providing a roadmap for future global...

4/19/2024 1pm

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Camila Zabot

Camila Zabot left a positive review 8/9/2020

I like it very much. I will continuous to meditate because it is really good to my concentration.

Melinda Abate

Melinda Abate left a positive review 3/9/2020

IT was fun and very informative of the struggles international students have to go through. Worth the time !!

Donna Miller

Donna Miller left a review 2/3/2020

I didn't expect to get a deep understanding in an hour, and the presenter threw a lot of thought-provoking things at us. Cutting down the scope and concentrating on fewer points might have made for a more cohesive talk. Bouncing around on the maps was dizzying. I thought one interesting observation he made was that you don't pepper people with direct questions; he is a good observer and obviously discerned quite a lot from his conversations.

Jean Collins

Jean Collins left a positive review 10/29/2019

Great speaker and very informative

Susan Baldino

Susan Baldino left a positive review 10/13/2019

The Jennifer French event was terrific! During the conversation, JR Harding asked provocative, meaningful questions and Jennifer French answered with keen insight, extraordinary knowledge and understanding of disability(ies), and concern for human rights. The conversation was illustrated with remarkable images of Jennifer's snowboarding, sailing career, and medical issues. I learned a lot and loved every minute!

Sin Hui Lim

Sin Hui Lim left a positive review 8/21/2019

Good information session. The workshop can be more efficient if the projector can be better.

Kazuki Watanabe

Kazuki Watanabe left a positive review 7/11/2019

I could make some friends after that.