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Faculty & Staff

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Allies & SafeZones 205:  Coming Out, Family Dynamics, & Other Support Systems (PDSZ205-0004)

Coming Out, Family Dynamics, & Other Support Systems. Participants engage in learning about the ongoing process of coming out for LGBTQ+ individuals, the...

4/23 9am
Concur - One-on-One (Open Lab)

Open lab to answer questions and provide support. Additional Resources:

4/23 9:30am
Coaching Skills IV (PDSCS4-0005)

Implementing a Solution Focus Technique with Confidence - This workshop will provide participants with the skills necessary to uncover solutions with...

4/23 10am
FMLA:  Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (COFML1-0088)

An overview of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, including strategies on how to manage employees on FMLA leave. Registration and Cancellation...

4/23 2:30pm
How to 3D Print at Innovation Hub

The workshop will cover how to 3D print at Innovation Hub (our workflow) primarily using our Dremel 3D45 bot farm and the 3DPrinterOS web interface for print...

4/23 4pm

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