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AOR Overview for Dept Reps (AORSO)

This class provides a general overview of the Assignment of Responsibilities process at Florida State University, as well as the OMNI-based AOR system which...

4/15 10am
Introduction to University Accounting (BTAC01)

This course is for users who are new to the OMNI Financials system or university accounting. Participants will learn about OMNI Financials, how money flows...

4/16 9am
Criminal History Background Check Process (COCHB1)

This workshop provides an overview of when a background check is required, how to request a background check, the background check review process, and...

4/16 10am
Stressed Out (PDSO01)

Are you feeling “stressed out”? We all deal with stressors in our lives, but too much stress can be very detrimental to our overall health—mentally,...

4/17 9am
Form I-9, Guardian,  E-Verify (COI92)

An in-depth look at the I-9 Process including how to properly complete the I-9 Form, how to navigate the Guardian software, how to complete an E-Verify case,...

4/17 10am

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