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Johnston Building (WJB)

143 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL

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Get Ready for the GMAT

This introduction to the GMAT offers a brief overview of the exam and tips on how to study.

9/20 4pm
CHAW's Table

Kitchen Basics-Learn what you really need to set-up your first kitchen and then use some of these items to create a tasty dish.

9/20 7pm
Making Notes (not taking them!)

This workshop outlines the benefits of note making as well as various methods to make the note making process a little easier and more efficient.

9/21 4pm
Why Graduate School?

This workshop, presented by the Graduate School and the FSU Career Center, is an excellent choice for those students considering graduate school and...

9/26 4pm
Coaching Skills I - Building Authentic Student Connection (PDSCS1-0002)

This workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals for effective student meetings, which begins with connecting and practicing non-judgement....

9/28 10am

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Jazmen Martin

Jazmen Martin left a positive review 7/6/2017

The information from this workshop definitely helped me. It provided me with a lot of tips that I can actually see myself applying to be more successful here at Florida State