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Johnston Building (WJB)

143 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Predicting Final Exam Questions

Students will practice incorporating the skills of generating higher-order questions as a note-taking and study preparation strategy.

4/9 5:15pm
"How Can I Read All of THIS?"

Students will practice active reading strategies designed to enhance their level of preparation for classes and exams.

4/14 5:15pm
Using Visuals, Diagrams, and Graphic Organizers as Study Aids

Students will learn how to select and/or develop appropriate visual aids to maximize their learning experiences.

4/16 5:15pm
Smart Study Strategies for Transfer Students

Students will explore how to develop a comprehensive study schedule and use visuals, technology, and group work to improve the effectiveness of their study...

4/21 5:15pm
FSU hosts Brazil in Perspective Lecture Series

The Brazil in Perspective Series brings together Florida State University faculty and students who conduct research on Brazil in order to create a dialogue...

4/22 12:30pm

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