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Johnston Building (WJB)

143 Honors Way, Tallahassee, FL

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Syncing for Success: Setting up your mobile devices for campus connectivity

This workshop helps students connect their academic accounts (FSU email/Outlook, Canvas, etc.) to their phones so that assignment deadlines, advising...

6/26 4pm
Alhaddad, Namah N. - Thesis Defense

Manuscript Title: Design Practitioner Perceptions Attitudes, and Barriers: The State of Natural Environment and Human Sustainability Building Practices in...

6/27 12pm
How to Get Control of Your Time

This workshop helps students organize their time so they can get things done with less stress. They will leave this workshop with tools that help them set...

7/10 4pm
Leaping off the Page: Getting Your Paper or Essay Started and Organized

Writer's block getting you down? Do you have a new assignment and don't know where to start? No idea what to write about? Come to our workshop for advice on...

7/11 4pm
Love at First Cite: The Bare Basics of Citations in College Writing

When do I use a citation? Do I use MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual? What is MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual!? Get the basics of using citations in your papers not...

7/16 4pm

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Jazmen Martin

Jazmen Martin left a positive review 7/6/2017

The information from this workshop definitely helped me. It provided me with a lot of tips that I can actually see myself applying to be more successful here at Florida State