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Tallahassee, FL


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Giselle Alfonso

Giselle Alfonso posted a photo 9/1/2021

No lights like the picture said it would be. No lights like the picture said it would be.

Amber Parnell

Amber Parnell left a positive review 4/13/2021

Such a great movie choice. Everyone letting us in, showing us to our seat were so nice. We appreciated the gift bags at the end. This was our first time attending an event like this, and we can't wait to come back!

Paola Bruzual Alcala

Paola Bruzual Alcala left a positive review 4/6/2021

It was great!

Anna Bernatt

Anna Bernatt left a positive review 3/3/2021

Loved it! Was a great opportunity to meet new people and be creative outdoors.

Donna Miller

Donna Miller left a positive review 1/21/2020

The museum exhibits challenge us to examine our society and act to make it better. The mix of history and current conditions lay out exactly how we got here, and EJI's efforts show us a way forward. The museum requires a lot of reading, and I will try to get back on a less crowded day. The memorial is stunning, all the more so for being right downtown, overlooking so many historic spots.

Donna Miller

Donna Miller left a positive review 1/21/2020

This trip was well planned and meaningful. It gave enough time for personal exploration of the area, and chose an incredibly appropriate destination for ML Day.

John Simpson

John Simpson left a review 10/15/2018

enjoyable event, but extremely long lines

Takaia Mallett

Takaia Mallett left a positive review 4/2/2019

It was great

Antwon Bryce

Antwon Bryce left a review 8/21/2019

It was alright

Matthew Ball

Matthew Ball left a negative review 6/22/2019

I spent the whole forty-five minutes in line, all for a storm to make the entire thing pointless as we had to leave.