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Oglesby Union

Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

SGA and Agencies BBQ

Come join us for food and fun

8/28 1pm
Seminole Sales Showcase Career Fair

More than 20 companies are participating in the Seminole Sales Showcase Career Fair to recruit for internships and job opportunities in sales, sales...

10/10 10am
Seminole Sales Showcase Reception

A networking reception is being hosted for professional sales majors and the sponsors of the Seminole Sales Showcase. This is an invitation only event.

10/10 6pm
Law School Fair

Connect with a large number of schools right here on campus! Meet representatives from law schools, who can provide the latest on admission requirements,...

10/21 10am
Graduate & Professional School Fair

The Graduate & Professional School Fair is a great way to connect with a large number of schools right here on campus! Meet representatives from programs in...

10/22 10am

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Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan posted a photo 2/12/2019

Joe Morgan Joe Morgan

Soham Patel

Soham Patel left a review 1/10/2019

I was hoping for more employers with an established pedigree. A couple of the employers I found interest in at the fair, Vector Marketing, and World Financial Group, turned out to have a shady reputation on the Better Business Bureau site. I was also looking for more tutoring opportunities but aside from Mathnasium, I was unable to find an opportunity.

Kathryn Fish

Kathryn Fish left a review 8/30/2018

It was very nice to be able to meet and talk to potential employers however it was also extremely crowded and very overwhelming. Things were also awkward as it was hard for some tables as they did not really project what positions they were hiring for.

Albrey Sorrell

Albrey Sorrell left a negative review 8/30/2018

I felt the Part-Time Job Fair was not so great. I would like to have seen less food service and retail jobs, and more jobs that would help my future and I could apply my major towards.

Umar Kabir

Umar Kabir left a review 8/30/2018

I wasn't able to attend I had another engagement at the time. Let me know if there's another opportunity.

Technie Fabien

Technie Fabien left a positive review 8/30/2018

The part-Time job fair was really helpful and informational. I would highly recommend this every year.

Bal Pokharel

Bal Pokharel left a positive review 4/27/2018


Maura Vazquez

Maura Vazquez left a positive review 3/4/2018

Very lively, the performers were amazing!

Janet Atwater

Janet Atwater posted a photo 1/25/2018

Amanda Campos

Amanda Campos left a positive review 1/10/2018

There were a variety of places there, so i felt like there was a little something for everyone.