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Rovetta Building Annex (RBA)

821 Academic Way, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Guest Speaker from Arbor Properties

Christian Griffith, Development Associate at Arbor Properties, will speak to MBA students in the Professional Development course (GEB 5932) about networking....

6/27 9:30am
Finance Paper Presentation

Finance doctoral candidate Jingfang Wang is presenting her second year paper titled, “1+1 or 2?, A Test of Thaler’s Compound Prospect Theory via Dividend...

6/27 11am
Bhandary, Ashok - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: THREE ESSAYS EXPLORING DELAY OF GRATIFICATION Committee CoChair1: Lamont, Bruce T Committee CoChair2: Maslach, David

7/5 2pm
De Melo Galdino, Katia - Dissertation Defense

Manuscript Title: Institutions and Imprinting in the Formalization of Informal Firms: A Cross-Country Analysis Committee Chair: Lamont, Bruce T

7/6 1pm
Alumni Hall of Fame Leadership Day

Current and past Alumni Hall of Fame inductees are on campus to participate in Leadership Day, where they speak to business students during classes or in a...


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