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Stadium Place - Training Center(L45)

1300 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Sexual Misconduct (COSSHP1-0115)

This course is for ALL employees and reviews FSU's stance on sexual misconduct at the University. It reviews the University's policy, as well as what...

4/23 9am
Property Training (BTPTO2-0014)

This course is designed for departmental Property Managers, Property Custodians and departmental financial representatives who are seeking credit for the...

4/24 9am
Fundamentals of Discipline & Collective Bargaining (LSFD01-0042)

Fundamentals of Discipline & Collective Bargaining Contract Administration. Examines the supervisor's role in the University's progressive and cumulative...

4/24 2pm
Workplace Accidents: Prevention & Management (COWA01-0030)

Workplace Accidents: Prevention & Management class examines precautionary steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents occurring on the job....

4/25 9am
New CDW-G Contract (BTCDWG-0001)

CDW-G, our new primary supplier for IT equipment, supplies, and peripherals, will be presenting this informational session on how to best use and gain...

4/25 2pm

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