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Stadium Place - Training Center(L45)

1300 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Procurement Policies (BTPUR2-0021)

This class outlines the fundamentals of the procurement process at FSU and helps departmental personnel understand their role in that process. It covers...

2/23 8:30am
EAP for Supervisors (LSEAP1-0033)

In this class you will learn: how to recognize early signs of trouble in an employee's performance; how to have a constructive interview with a troubled...

2/27 9am
Sexual Misconduct (COSHP1-0114)

This course is for ALL employees and reviews FSU's stance on sexual misconduct at the University. It reviews the University's policy, as well as what...

3/5 1:30pm
Team Dynamics (LSTD01-0044)

This course addresses team dynamics by understanding individual personality types. It is reviewed in terms of the supervisor, and how he/she can influence...

3/6 9am
Finding the Right Candidate (LSIT01-0034)

Formerly Interview Techniques Training. During this course you will learn effective interviewing skills and techniques to be able to select the best...

3/6 1:30pm

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