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Stadium Place - Training Center(L45)

1300 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

EAP for Supervisors (LSEAP1 - 0032)

In this class you will learn: how to recognize early signs of trouble in an employee's performance; how to have a constructive interview with a troubled...

9/26 9am
Sexual Misconduct Need to Know (LSSHS1 - 0046)

What You Need to Know: Sexual Misconduct Training for Supervisors. This course is geared for supervisors, and focuses on the specific responsibilities he/she...

9/27 1:30pm
Travel Expense & T-Card (BTTE03 - 0056)

This course trains travel representatives, Travel Card holders and approvers in the fundamentals of travel & expenses and the travel card in the OMNI system....

9/28 8:30am
Embracing Diversity (CODIV2 - 0032)

Embracing Diversity: Diversity, Inclusion & Compliance. The objectives of this training are to provide employees with knowledge and resources to create...

9/29 1:30pm
Employee TimeClock Plus (EETCP - 0002)

TimeClock Plus training for employees.

10/2 9:30am

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