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Student Services Building (SSB)

874 Traditions Way, Tallahassee, FL

Upcoming Events

Allies& SafeZones 201 (PDS201-0018)

Allies & Safe Zones 201: Trans Ally is a two-hour training that will engage participants in understanding trans identities, gender variance, socialized...

10/24 2pm
Degree in 3 Workshop: Introduction to Fellowships

Are you a Degree in 3 student that is interested in learning about fellowships? Perhaps you have never heard of a fellowships, or have already decided which...

10/24 3pm
Study Sundays for Transfer Students

Transfer Student Services staff will be on-site to provide a meaningful experience for students needing to practice effective study habits and routines. ...

10/27 3pm
Spooky Since 1969

Are you ready for a scary good time?! Come celebrate Halloween with the frightfully fun Pride executive board! Food, Games, and a Costume Contest are all...

10/31 7pm
Allies & Safe Zones 101 workshop

The Allies & Safe Zones 101 workshop is a three-hour basic training in allyship and contemporary LGBTQ+ issues. Topics of discussion include: sexual...

11/7 9am

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Gage Skivington

Gage Skivington left a positive review 9/8/2019

It was very informative and well put together!

Karina Kalke

Karina Kalke left a positive review 9/5/2019

It was very helpful! All of my questions were answered, and it gave me a very clear picture of what my next steps were. I also liked that the powerpoint was sent out because I felt like I was able to actually listen more.

Zachary Wagner

Zachary Wagner left a positive review 9/5/2019

Very informative! Thank you!

Shaylah Paxton

Shaylah Paxton left a positive review 9/5/2019

It was very informative. I love how FSU wants to help the students who have college credit coming into the university receive all the help they could possibly need and want to graduate early. This program is wonderful and I cannot wait to get involved. Also, the woman presenting was great, she answered every question without hesitation and provided everyone who went with the presentation just in case they forgot anything.

Samantha Abrego

Samantha Abrego left a positive review 7/24/2019

The seminar was very helpful!

Alyssa Sheck

Alyssa Sheck left a positive review 7/24/2019

Loved it, very informational and let me know what I should start thinking about for the future.

Joshua Feldman

Joshua Feldman left a positive review 7/24/2019

The meeting went well, I was able to get a good amount of information about the program. I am still debating if I should participate, but it does sound interesting.

Abraham Arroliga

Abraham Arroliga left a positive review 9/13/2018

The information provided was thorough making the session worthwhile.

Eustachian Carrier

Eustachian Carrier left a positive review 9/11/2018

I loved it.

Carson Schlather

Carson Schlather left a positive review 9/10/2018

It was so helpful and informative!